Is Green the New Black in F&B Industry? Bio Vanillin Market to Grow at 7% CAGR during 2017 – 2025, Estimates PMR

The growing concerns pertaining to food safety and need for more transparency in the ingredients is prompting companies to adopt natural, clean label raw materials. As consumers are seeking simple foods with familiar ingredients, Solvay has decided to offer a novel, natural vanillin to the food industry in the US. With this the company is extending its current portfolio of bio/natural and nature-inspired ingredients. In fact, Solvay has launched a full range to fulfil the growing ‘switch to natural’ demand.

According to a latest Persistence Market Research (PMR) report, the global bio vanillin market is likely to grow at healthy CAGR of more than 7% during the study period 2017 – 2025. The F&B industry is rapidly witnessing a colossal demand for clean label, bio ingredients from consumers. Several vanillin processors have turned to bio vanillin to appeal to a wider consumer base. Bio vanillin is obtained from vanilla beans and offers numerous health benefits, including fighting bacteria. With the accelerating adoption as a flavoring agent in F&B products and pharmaceuticals, bio vanillin is witnessing much traction. Consumers and manufacturers are increasingly adopting bio vanillin as a healthier and safer alternative to synthetic vanillin. Bio vanillin has attained significant prominence as supreme ingredient in cosmetic products and medicines over years.

Widespread Consumer Preference for Organic Products Increasing Bio Vanillin Demand

Bio vanillin market has been witnessing demand from proliferating F&B industry due to the paradigm shift in consumer preference for green and organic ingredients. This growing demand can be attributed to safe nature of bio vanillin. Furthermore, bio-vanillin is gaining adoption as a flavoring ingredient in the processing of several medicines as it eliminates sour taste and foul odor. Bio vanillin is processed using an eco-friendly production process biotechnological processes, which is underpinning gains in bio vanillin market. The demand for bio vanillin is also triggered by growing environmental concerns coupled with severe high quality food standards posed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

High Adoption of Bio Vanillin in Bakery Products Creating Opportunities

Vanilla flavor is among the most opted flavors used in many confectionery and bakery products, such as cakes, custards, waffles, cakes, toppings, and chocolate drinks. The growing concerns related to the negative impact of synthetic flavors are favoring the adoption of green and natural flavors like bio vanillin. Additionally, the bio vanillin market has the potential to grow significantly owing to the increasing consumption of confectionery products, which can be attributed to rapidly changing consumer lifestyle.

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Biotech Flavors Losing Adoption due to Low Shelf-Life & High Cost

The demand for biotech flavors like bio vanillin is expected to bloom in forthcoming years, but the growth may hit stagnation eventually due to their low shelf-life and stability-related concerns. To counter this, bio vanillin processors are increasingly incorporating advancing technology in the production process to be able to deliver more stable offerings. Additionally, synthetic or non-biodegradable product based vanillin costs lower than bio vanillin, which is creating challenges for manufacturers. With relatively lower pricing, synthetic vanillin is gaining attention of consumers, substituting bio vanillin easily.

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